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Our vision is to become your one and trusted business partner in the Marine Industry. When it comes to marine cables, spare parts and electrical components you should know that you are in good hands, our hands!

We stand for Cables, Electrical and Electronics; that’s the core of CEE!

Our Strategy is based on our five drivers, that day by day, make us grow bigger and better.



With continuous investments in software and IT, we can respond to any request and track your order from receipt to delivery.


Providing trustworthy and consistent service around the world, time and time again.


Easy and fast delivery for a broad variety of products under one invoice and at a competitive price.


CEE Inc. is the exclusive dealer of Helkama cables in the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean and partner with more than 40 reliable manufacturers.

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helkama cables usa

Helkama is a Finnish company with presence in more than 60 countries worldwide, with over 50 years of experience in the Marine Industry and three production facilities ready to serve any project.


Specializing in the manufacturing and development of Marine cables, Helkama has chosen to produce only halogen-free cables that remarkably improve the fire safety of the ships by not emitting toxic burning fumes or thick smoke. Using the latest technology, Helkama has also been able to reduce cable weight and size to a minimum and still maintain quality, enabling easy installation. 


However large your current project is, we can provide the most optimal solutions for your marine installation. Let us serve your needs, just drop us a line and we can take it from there.

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